I've been here about three to four times and each time, what I thought was going to be some big repair, turned out to be minor. Mike is always staightforward and honest, which I very much appreciate. I feel like I can go here and I'm not going to be taken advantage of or told I need some big repair, when I really don't. I once took my car to a place in San Rafael for a smog check and they said it didn't pass. I took it to Randall and it passed just fine. Go figure?


I am, at the moment, out of a job. So when someone offers me a free oil change--you better believe I'm gonna take it. My choices for getting the oil changed in town are Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change (Cheap but dicey, known for stripping the oil filter mount and then, of course, denying it, and not really cheap at all when you think about the cost to repair the filter mount--jerks!) , or another higher end guy in town who specializes in "foreign" cars (Aren't Volvos Fords now?). "Foreign guy" charges around 100$ for a workover but includes some extra little perks. Whoa.That's all well and good as long as you're making bank but uh...for the unemployeds of the world, that's rather steep. Randall Bros.' price for changing the oil on my Volvo V70 station wagon was 55$, but like I said there was no charge because I had a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" coupon.Randall Bros. had time on a Friday afternoon at 4 to squeeze me into their schedule on a drop in basis--nice! Volvos are a pain in the posterior to work on because of the protective plate they have on the undercarriage--it has to be unbolted and rebolted so it takes longer than the average car. Randall Bros. was reasonably quick--about 40 minutes which gave me enough time to cruise my old 'hood. Bummer that none of my neighbor lady friends were home at 4:15 Friday afternoon (at least my friends have jobs) to catch me up on the lastest gossip in the Annals of Atherton Ranch. But I was lucky enough to bump into my favorite neighborhood DILF (Oh, yes. It means exactly what you think it means.) and enjoy a brief chat. ::Sigh:: I do so miss the old 'hood. When I got back to Randall Bros. I still had a few minutes to sift through People mag and petrify my brain before my car was ready. Speedy, efficient, reasonably priced--I have zero complaints. I reserve the final star rating until I've been there more often. I DO think I owe them a chance to actually make some money off me--it only seems fair. So yes, I'll be back and so will the Huzby in his orange gansta-mobile. Then he can cruise the old 'hood and chat up some of his MILFgal pals. Hey. Fair's fair.


I've been taking two vehicles to Mike Read at Randall Brothers for several years now, and have always had good experiences. More than a few times, friends or family who know a little about cars have told me to expect to replace something, like brake pads, etc., only to be told by Mike that there was no need for it yet...in other words, he had the perfect opportunity to perform some service or replace a part unnecessarily, and didn't take advantage. I know for a fact that many garages take advantage of the consumer routinely, so to have someone as dependable and honest as Mike right here in Novato is such a gift...I send everyone I know to Mike at Randall Brothers.

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